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[About ordering by order] ​


Some people may be confused by the wood grain they see for the first time. Of course, there may be knots, and people may say, "I wouldn't have ordered it if it had such a grain." However, based on my experience of making hundreds of wooden dishes, I will deliver the one that I have judged that there is nothing wrong with the expression of wood. For that reason, we would like to ask those who accept orders even if they have unexpected wood grains, saying, "There are wood grains like this."


You can't wait to see what kind of wood grain the plate will receive, so if you are very particular about the wood grain or don't like the wood grain that you don't like, Please wait for the opportunity of individual sales. We will also create an opportunity for you to check the grain of each piece before placing an order, so please choose the ordering method that suits you. In addition, we want you to know more about trees, so please check the details below!

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◯ About the expression of the tree

Introduction of cherry wood gum spots and bars. It may come out regardless of whether it is on the front or back, but KOTUN uses it as a plate because it is not a defective material but a characteristic of wood. If we treat these as defects, we end up throwing away more than half of a single tree that has grown over a long period of time.


○Introducing the difference in the color of the wood.

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