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-  Characteristics of each tree  -

◯ Black cherry from America


Aging: The color is bright at first and gradually darkens. The color will darken considerably in about half a year, so the time for bright colors is shorter.


Color: The color varies depending on the raw wood, and the initial color varies considerably from individual to individual. Some are pale orange, almost yellow, and some are brownish from the beginning. There are some that are very bright orange, but they all change color over time, so I would like you to choose without worrying that the color will change in the end.


Fragrance: I would say that there is almost no fragrance from the beginning.

When you cut or scrape it, you can smell the faint scent of sakuramochi, which you can smell when pickling cherry leaves in salt.


Others: As a unique expression of cherry wood, there is a part called a gum spot where the sap has accumulated and turned black. This is a unique expression of cherry wood, so it's not a bad thing!

In addition, it may appear like a thin streak, but I will introduce it with a photo below, so please check it once.

○Hard Maple from America


Aging: A tree that is famous for its amber color due to its clean, white color.

It is said that the more beautiful and caramelized it is, the more it is cared for, the more it oxidizes the sugar content (maple syrup).


Color: It is a neat white color, but depending on the item, it may be pinkish or yellowish, and this is also a wide variety.


Fragrance: It can be said that there is almost no fragrance from the beginning. There is also a smell when scraping, but personally I feel that it smells like grain w


Others: Maple is characterized by its white color, but you can see the color transfer because it is white. Cherry and walnut materials will also bleed, but maple is particularly conspicuous. Please note that the curry will turn yellow in some areas. Also, I have experience with strawberries turning red, so I have to be careful about what kind of food I serve. However, the red color of strawberries has naturally disappeared, and it is certain that the longer you use it, the more you will become familiar with it. It may not be necessary to be too nervous, but please use your own judgment w

Finally, another big point is that maple is easy to warp. Just be prepared! ! w

○ Walnut from America


Aging: At first, it is purplish brown, but it gradually becomes reddish and the color is a little lighter. Cherry and maple are darker in color, while walnut is lighter in color.


Color: The basic color is bluish-purple brown or close to brown. However, there are still differences in color among them, so the expression is infinitely different, such as color and depth, light or dark.


Fragrance: Walnut is quite fragrant. To be honest, when I first started using it, I could smell the walnut even while eating, so I'm worried about people who are interested. Of course, if you continue to use it for a while, the scent will fade, so it's up to you how you evaluate walnut in terms of its balance with its unique and elegant color.

The scent itself is a little sweet, but personally, I can only describe the walnut scent as walnut scent.

Others: Walnut has a white outer grain called sapwood (cherry wood also has a lighter sapwood and the border is clearly visible). Some walnuts have a gradation at the border that transitions to the white of the sapwood. Some of them are slightly greenish, some have orange or red, some have gray, and the color changes are beautiful. Of course, there are simple wood without gradation, but it is a tree with a lot of individuality depending on the material.

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