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- Handling method -

There are two main methods of painting wooden tableware.


Urethane paint

oil painting

However, they are handled differently,

KOTUN uses "oil painting".

Therefore, first

I would like to know the features of oil painting.


Oil coating is a coating film on the surface of tableware.

not for coating,

It is a method of painting by penetrating oil into the wood.

feature is

1,The wood itself, the texture is natural.

2,You can take care of yourself freely.

There is no need to worry about the oil coating peeling off,

It does not enter the body.

It also has water repellency, but its power will decrease as it dries.

because it weakensMaintenance is required.

*We use Osmo's natural paint.

[KOTUN tableware is oil-coated]

[Precautions for use]

・Cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher.

・After use, wash by hand with a soft cloth or sponge as soon as possible, wipe off moisture, and dry before storing.

・Do not store in direct sunlight.

It may cause warping and cracking.

[Specific care method]

While getting along with wooden tableware,

"What should I do in such a situation?"

What the hell

specific methods in various situations,

Introducing how to deal with it! !


-Everyday life-

how to wash

how to wash wooden dishes


-Everyday life-


About maintenance




About warping and cracking




When you're blackened

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