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wooden tableware

​ー Wooden tableware and plates ー

​「kotun kotun kotun」

When you use wooden cutlery and wooden plates, such a sound echoes on the dining table.I don't dislike the cheerful and lively clattering sound of metal cutlery, but I  like the soft, quiet clacking sound “KOTUN” cute.

I could feel the atmosphere created by the material itself in the sound, and the color, smell, and texture of the wood seemed to be included in the gentle sound.

“KOTUN" is the brand name for the sound that wood makes, and produces wooden tableware and  wooden goods.

Production/Design Kosuke Oishi


​About wooden plate

​   -What is a wooden plate? -


About Wooden Plates

What is your impression?

Easy to crack, easy to warp, difficult to use?

Does it look troublesome to maintain?


Actually, yes.


Then, why do we use them?


Wood is a natural material.

And because it is a natural material, it is delicate.

Because it is delicate, it needs to be handled gently.

It takes time and is a hassle.


But that's good!


Because it is time-consuming, we become attached to it.

Because it is delicate, we want to take good care of it.


Nature is not something that humans can control, so we have to accept it.

That is why it is important to have a tolerant heart.

It also fosters an open mind.

I may be overstating things a bit.


But in the future.

I think it is important to have a relationship with it, to use it with love and a generous heart.


Wooden plates are a product of nature, so it is important to "get along" with them.

It is very nice to know that there are people who find it more wonderful than a hassle.

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