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- How to wash -

First of all, let's talk about daily washing.

How can wooden tableware be used everyday?

About how to wash normally, it may be surprisingly questionable. Basically, you can wash it with dishwashing detergent in the same way as other pottery and glassware.


There is no problem at all if you wash it normally like this.

The important thing is to wash it as soon as possible after use and after washing! !


If you leave it like this after washing it, it will stay wet all the time.

If this continues, water will seep into that part, causing stains and warping, so please be careful!

First of all, wash the dishes with detergent, wipe off the water as soon as possible, and use it normally.


I think that you will gradually come to understand that the state of the wood changes as you use it regularly. Once you know when it's dry, it's best to do maintenance from time to time in your life!

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