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- When warped or cracked-

If the plate is warped and rattling  


*In the above, the sandpaper is also listed as about 240, but if it is too loose, you can use about 120. However, after that, please sharpen it cleanly with 240 etc. and prepare the surface of the wood. (If rough paper is used, the wood surface will become rougher, so scraping with finer paper will reduce fluffing.)


Stick sandpaper on a flat surface as much as possible with double-sided tape, etc., and scrape off the parts where the wood warps and protrudes.

Then, the protruding part will be scraped away and the rattling will disappear, so challenge until you are satisfied!

*A lot of shavings will come out, so if you do it indoors, you may need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the shavings so they don't scatter.

After that, the oil is removed from the shaved area, so it is OK if you apply oil at the end!

(If there is a difference in color between the shaved area and the unshaved area, lightly sandpaper the area around the scraped area to blend in as described above.)

*Descriptions about cracks are currently being produced.

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