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-a Story of trees -

​-About the characteristics of wood-


ー Cracks, Warping, and Aging ー

Wooden plates warp due to changes in humidity and temperature. In some cases, cracks may occur. In particular, the climate in Japan has four distinct seasons, so the influence of the season and indoor air conditioning is significant, and the possibility cannot be completely eliminated.That's why sometimes it rattles when I put it on the table, and on the contrary, it doesn't rattle anymore because the season has changed. If you leave it in the water, it will absorb the water and warp or crack. Depending on the food, it may be colored or become like a stain. The surface is gradually drying out, the color has changed over time, and if you put them on top of each other, only a part of them will be burnt and become darker.


There is such a thing. And that's the tree. There is nothing you can do about it because it is a natural tree. On the other hand, you may think of trying to do something about it with painting technology. I think that's what's important. However, even if you try to do something with painting technology, there will always be disadvantages as well as advantages. If there are merits and demerits no matter what I do, I decided to accept the merits and demerits of natural wood itself. This is my simple stance.That's why, when you pick up a plate made of “KOTUN” wooden plates, I would like you to know the various things that can happen with natural wood like the above. I don't want you to be disappointed when you use it without knowing it, and I want you to know about wooden plates correctly and enjoy using them. In a sense, I would like the purchasers to be prepared to deal with wooden dishes   I want you to take it. That's how I feel.


Finally, I would like to share an episode like this.


One day, a wooden plate that I use at home cracked, and I was somewhat disappointed. but I kept using the cracked wooden plate to see how it would change. At that time, I put the cookies left by my daughter on the cracked wooden plate and wrapped . After her nap, when she was about to eat her cookies again, I noticed the cracks and said to her, "Dish ripped, let's put the plastic wrap on it," while she ate the cookies. I was so happy that I said, "Yes, I'll put it on," and laughed with my daughter. At that time, I was a  disappointed about the cracks in the wood, saying that it was a characteristic of the wood, but in a real sense, I came to be able to tolerate cracks and warping as a characteristic of the wood. I felt that to face natural things is to face wooden plates with the same magnanimity as my daughter. This is such an important episode for me.

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